14. January 2013

Waiting for my box.

I am waiting for my box to arrive. It has my scrapbook (project life) items, and some Lalaloopsy toys. I’m not sure if my aunt was able to squeeze in items for my kids. She’s always like that when she sends me a box, she puts in some surprises for my kids. :)

But this time, she asked me what I want for the kids. I mentioned that it would be nice to have one of those patagonia sale jackets in my kids’ sizes. We, together with our friends are planning a trip to the high mountains of Baguio, that’s what the jackets are for. But I also mentioned rash guards for the kids, which are so expensive here locally. Those, on the other hand, are for summer time.

I’m just not sure if she was able to shop before the box left her place. I guess I’ll know when the box arrives. Then I’ll be surprised. :D

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