25. February 2013

Your online store.

More and more moms are getting creative, offering customized products and/or services, making them available online, to help augment the family budget. It seems hard, but with the following tips from other moms who have made their creations made available online, you too can have your online store.

1. Start with an idea, product or service, that you love doing, or passionate about. You heard it again, and again, because it works. If you really love doing something, you’ll want it done with quality. And quality, aside from cost, will make your customer want to come back for more.

2. Create your business plan. This may be the “boring” part of the process but you need it to assess which of your ideas are feasible and which are not.

3. Create your website. Choose an ecommerce website builder that will suit your needs. You need to make your online store attractive and user-friendly to your target market.

4. Continue looking for creative inspiration. Your initial designs may work for now, but you will need to sustain your customers’ interest. Browse, read and watch to continually enrich your creativity.

Remember, you don’t have to be a technical person to bring your store online. All you need is the patience to research and learn the best strategy.

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